Q. Can you send me more pictures? A. Because of the volume of pics I have (45,000+), it is not really time-effective for me to sort through pics and attach them to emails when people request them, but my free preview area provides plenty of free pics and videos so you can see the quality of the work inside the main site. I feel that this provides a good view of what to expect from my members area and so I do not email pictures directly to anyone.

Q. Can I meet you? A. For a variety of reasons, which mainly revolve around time restraints and safety, I am not able to meet fans in person.

Q. Are you married? A. Happily!

Q. What is your height and weight? A. Currently, I weigh 350lbs and stand 5’8” tall.

Q. How can I contact you? A. The best way to contact me is to send me an email. I set aside large blocks of time one to two times a week to answer my emails, therefore please do not feel offended if i don't reply straight away. However, I do check my emails many times a day and will respond to any emergency emails (such as access problems), as soon as I read them. Unfortunately, my current schedule leaves me no opportunity to chat on messenger services.

Q. How did you get started in this business? A I've been modeling on the web for a decade. I spent two years on a multigirl site before deciding that I wanted to start my own site and was born in 2002 - I have been delivering quality photographs and videos ever since!

Q. Have you appeared in any magazines? A. I appeared in the November 2002 edition of Big Butt, where i was also that edition's cover girl and also received a 5-star review from them as well as a nod as one of the Best BBW Sites on the 'Net in their May 2005 issue.

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